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Staff and Board

Michelle Bishop-Couch, MPA, has served as Executive Director of Cornucopia Adult Day Services, Inc. since 2007. She began her education with the intention of becoming a social worker, earning a B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Welfare and a minor in Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude. As an undergraduate she recognized the desire to apply her education, experience and passion to the non-profit sector, and continued her education in business, and completing a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Labor Relations/Dispute Resolution.

Prior to joining Cornucopia, she served as Development Director for Girl Scouts, Alta Mira Specialized Family Services, and Director of the Children’s Miracle network for UNM.

Reina Martinez is Cornucopia’s Customized Community Supports and Greenhouse Program Manager, and has been working professionally in the field of Developmental Disabilities for five years. As a Native New Mexican and graduate of UNM’s Environmental Planning and Design School, she has been able to apply her education and experience to support Cornucopia’s Mission. She works along side staff to ensure that all Community Based Services provided by Cornucopia are of the highest standards and meet the needs of the participants and community. In addition, Ms. Martinez’s responsibilities include overseeing Cornucopia’s new Horticultural Program, which will utilize the Greenhouse to reach a wider demographic and develop an educational platform showcasing the benefits of horticultural practices and community collaboration. Ms. Martinez’s commitment to the community and Cornucopia clients and families is regarded as an asset to the mission Cornucopia upholds.

Veronica Dozal is a native of Texas. She has lived in New Mexico 12 years. Veronica was a CNA when she started as a DSP with Cornucopia in May 2009. She was the Day Hab Supervisor for 4 years then became Family Living Service Coordinator. She is currently the Supported Living/Family Living Program Manager. Veronica’s goal is to advocate for and make a difference in our participant’s lives.


• To provide services which fall within the scope of one’s expertise, competence and experience

• To commit to the provision of high quality services

• To treat customers and colleagues with honesty, fairness, and integrity

• To conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner in all organizational business and whenever representing Cornucopia, recognizing that good conduct attributes include honesty, courtesy, respect and timeliness

• To act in accordance with Cornucopia’s mission statement, offering “a safe, reputable and growth-oriented environment where our clients may maximize their potential in a community-based setting.”

• To follow Cornucopia standards, policies and procedures

• To display good judgment and behavior when making decisions and never induce or compel others to take part in unethical, improper or illegal conduct

• To disclose to appropriate administrative personnel any conflict of interest that might call the conduct of Cornucopia or its employees in question

Board of Directors

Michele M. Mullen, AIA

Curt Schuyler

Kent McLoud

Gordon Reiselt, JD


Matthew J. Dutton
Robert Galler
Les Lipschutz
Curt Schuyler
Terri (Mark) Keller

Michelle Bishop-Couch, MPA - CEO/Staff Liason
Dan Shapiro, JD, MD - Past President
Susan Lucero - Advisory Board
Melissa Santistevan, CPA - Advisory Board